The Waiting Game

What is it about the government?  Patrick started this whole process of become a Foreign Service Officer one year ago today. Here we are still awaiting his final clearance to get his name on the infamous registry.  Once on the list we wait again to find out when the next class is, then we wait for the phone call to say there is space for him in the class, then we wait for the salary offer, then we wait for our bid list, then we wait to see where we will be placed, then we wait to see when we will leave for that place, then we wait to actually be sent away… this could be a whole two years process once we are finally living in our new home in a new country.

Life in DC is good, there is no real good reason to leave right now or to be anxious to leave .  Yet here we are so ready for Patrick to start his career and feeling like we should be moving on. We are here for a reason. We wait now for the bid list that we are suposed to get. We wait now for the country that we are supposed to be in. We wait now for the job Patrick is supposed to have.   Everything in our lives have always been taken care of perfectly.  There is no reason we should be feeling like they won’t be now.

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” Psalm 27:14

Thoughts? Questions?

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