Cloth Diaper Update (2 Days of Use)

Hi there.

Well they were all washed and ready to be used two days ago. Seeing little Aydan in those big diapers was quite the vision. They are masive on her. they look cute when she doesn’t have any other clothes on but once a onsie goes on the cuteness is all over. The price to be paid???

Things I love:

  • I have yet to have a blow out even though there has been plenty of very poopy diapers.
  • The patterns on the Gro Baby shells are very very cute.
  • It’s way easier to change her than anticipated.
  • The velcro is very small and not like normal huge velcro that would probably be uncomfortable.

Things I am still trying to figure out:

  • The inserts seem to take too long to dry in the dryer. I have to put them in there for about an hour and a half then hang them to dry completely.  This can not be normal…?
  • The hugeness of the diapers are really preventing her from siting up as well as she was. Could there be a way that this will get better? As she grows will they fit her better? Probably.
  • The hugeness is also changing the way she lays on her back… does this cause her discomfort?
  • I wonder if they are hot. We live in a place with tons of humidity and the temperature can get to 95. Will they be too hot for her this summer?

Over all Patrick and I are both really liking them.

Thoughts? Questions?

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