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So now that I know that we are leaving I’ve begun to read other blogs from people who have been through this process already. There are not many out there but there are a few good ones.  As I read through them I get more and more excited about the chance to start new again.

The idea of a house that has more than 1,000 square feet with only two small closets to a real, nice home with plenty of storage is in itself overwhelming. Every day that we are here in this little house I force myself to be thankful for how nice and big it really is in comparison to what we could have for the price we are paying.

Also, the anticipation of receiving our first bid list is too exciting for words.  I wonder what places will be on the list, I wonder how the process will all play out, I wonder if we will really have any say in the situation, I wonder if our career councilor will really be helpful, I wonder if there are ppl at main state who can help get us placed where we want to be, I wonder if there will even be any European posts, I wonder when flag day will be… so many more questions roll through my head all day long. Exciting Times.

In the end the blogs are helpful but also makes me very anxious.  I do wish the blogs took better pictures of their houses and answered a few more questions I have but they are still helpful.

3 responses to “Other FS Blogs

  1. Nice to see a new blog….but is the Google function on your computer running properly?? There are thousands upons thousands now of fantastic websites and blogs dedicated to the challenges of being the accompanying spouse (no one likes the term trailing spouse fyi), two excellent ones from your own State department…. http://www.talesmag.com and http://www.aportableidentity.com There is also http://www.expatwomen.com and I am not even scratching the surface….

    My own website ExpatExpert.com has been around for 12 years (I am a former Canadian diplomatic spouse) and its links section even has links to expat blogs…I have also written a few books you may want to read…. 🙂

    Good luck .

  2. Thanks for the info! When I wrote this I hadn’t spend tons of time looking for blogs or websites. I have found lots that I like since then. I’ll check out the links you’ve given me. Thanks again.

  3. You should also check out lifeafterjerusalem.blogspot.com – she keeps in exhaustive list of all FS blogs she knows about.

    My husband is starting A-100 class next week so I echo your thoughts on transition! If you have any questions about the process I would be glad to answer them as we will be going through them only a few weeks before you. Good luck!

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