a few thoughts on family and friends

Over the past two weeks we traveled across the country by plane and across Washintong State by car, several cars actually. We have seen over 100 family and friends. We have eaten many good meals and had many great coversations and we’ve had the amazing chance to see our little girl light up other people’s worlds.  It has been a great two weeks.

Once thing I noticed is that two weeks really is a long time but also such a short amount of time. Aydan and I came home after our two weeks away and I felt like I’d been gone for so long. But as I sorted through my pictures of our trip home I was reminded of all the people that I spent a few short hours with.  I loved those few hours with each of them so much but I long to just live my life with my family and friends. Two weeks was too short a time to really feel like I’ve had the chance to really feel like I’m getting to reconnect. I don’t like visiting people. I want to be living my life with my good friends not “with” them via Facebook and blogs.

I really wanted family time with my parents and extended relatives.  My dad hadn’t seen Aydan since she was born and none of my aunts, uncles or grandparents had even met her.  I really wanted them to have as much time as possible with her. This meant that I had less time with my friends who I really did want to  catch up with. I missed saying good bye to some people, I missed some one on one time that I really wanted, and I missed others altogether.  It’s not easy to make all these things work in the span of one week but hopefully after a few more weeks like this over the years we’ll have it down better.

Over all it was a great week though. Aydan did amazingly.  She didn’t cry the on any of the 4 plane rides.  She adjusted to the time change, slept all night every night and even slept in most mornings. She didn’t cry when meeting new people, she just smiled and loved them. She learned to get up on her hands and knees and will probably start crawling soon. She was dedicated at our home church in Tacoma. She went to her first fair and parade. And she was able to meet all of her family and friends in Washington State. It was definitely a good trip.

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