we’ve done all we can do… now we wait… again

I’ve been putting off writing this post because it will force me to think through the weight of what we did last Sunday night.  We turned in our bid list.

Our list had 94 posts.  Our CDO (Career Development Officer) asked us to give us our top three priorities. Ours were: 1. Being in Europe bc of interest and Patrick’s education 2. Safety and over all quality of life 3. A CON or MGT post.  Then, based on our priorities, we ranked each post high, medium or low.

From here we wait again.  We have 8 days until Flag Day, the day that we have to sit in a big room full of people watching and waiting as they present flag after flag to people as they are given their postings, waiting for our name to be called. It’s just like NFL draft day. Exciting? Scary? Nerve racking? Yep. I’m glad I have a cute little baby to keep me occupied until then.

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