a convo that was had last night

This convo took place around 1AM after I’d been up all night wondering about what was to come. Patrick was totally asleep when I “woke” him with this question:

Kim, ” So… we have to have to iron ALL our clothes?”

Patrick, “Yes.”

Kim, “We can’t iron out the little bug eggs from Aydan’s cloth diapers… they are thick!”

Patrick, “No, we hire a lady to do it. They are really good. They have a special name for them.”

Kim, “Oh… but what if the little eggs don’t die bc the diaper is too thick and then they get into Aydan’s little butt and hatch and live under her skin?”

Patrick, “They won’t.”

Kim, “Ok…”

That’s trust people.

3 responses to “a convo that was had last night

  1. oh, man. I remember hearing about these bugs in Cameroon when I was preparing for Peace Corps Niger. I am sure those ironers know exactly what they are doing, and they will do Ayden’s diapers twice as long, just to be sure.

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