it’s been awhile

I haven’t written in a long time due to many things. Let me fill you in quickly on our lives this past month.

Aydan and I were sick most of December. It wasn’t until right before Christmas when I got a tip to start taking vitamin D did I start to feel normal again. Later, I got my blood test results back from my doctor. They informed me my vitamin D levels were really low and I needed to start taking a supplement… thanks.

For Christmas we went home to Washington State. It was a perfect trip.  We were there for 10 days and got to see lots of family and spend a really good amount of time with all of them. Aydan got to meet her aunt and uncle who are living in Peru.  It was very fun seeing them love her and play with her. She loved them as well. Our flights to Seattle and back were good. Aydan was a very good girl, just super wiggly the entire trip! I’m taking the trip with Aydan next month, not sure how I’ll handle all her wiggles on my own. : )

We came home to a cold cold week here in Washington DC. We also had Jack’s  5 year old birthday party to throw the next Sunday. So that was a very very busy week and weekend for us. The birthday party was a huge success!

The next week we played catch up with all the house things we’d let go for the past 17 or so days.  During that week our TV came. We ordered it from  It took us an entire evening to set it up and figure out how it works. We needed two different adapters.  One adapter for the plug in and the other for the cable cord. We also We are very happy with the TV.

That weekend we went shopping for Cameroon.  We went to the mall and bought a good amount of clothes, shoes and some household items. Then we went to Costco and spent over $450 for SOME of our consumables, this was our second big Costco trip like this.  I know that there will be many, many more trips or maybe just one big order still to come.  I keep telling myself once we get to Cameroon we won’t need to buy anything for the next two years…

Then Sunday rolled around and we got ourselves sick again. I took Monday and Tuesday off from work to recoup and am finally feeling better. We all have a cough still but feel much much better.

Boring post update but I’m so overwhelmed and not feeling very well that that’s all I have in me.

The best news of the month is that we have been given sponsors. I’ve emailed with the wife once now and she is amazing. Her email was so helpful and informative. I’m about to email her back now with a boatload of new questions.

Thoughts? Questions?

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