look what mr. fedex brought today


One response to “look what mr. fedex brought today

  1. Hi Kim! Wow. So impressive! Having the fancy, important passport in hand must make it seem real and you must be so incredibly proud of Patrick for all his hard work and for being such a unique and gifted person to actually pull off his dream job! (the path to his dream job) You know Kim, I always want to hear about what is going on in your life in person(or on the phone) but I realize that with life being so busy and you being so far away the only way to really keep in touch & hear all the details will be to read your blog! I miss you & Patrick and will always cherish the fun trips and adventures we have taken…BYWDW. I will look forward to visiting you soon…if not in cameroon, then in Europe somewhere! Please post photo’s of Aydan’s 1st birthday in Paris can’t wait to hear all about it! Love you and miss you lots. Hugs, pami (fedex!)

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