a month away

Aydan and I just returned home from a month of traveling.  We started our journey in San Diego and stayed with my cousin, her husband and two kids for a couple days. It was really fun to see the kids playing together. Her son, Max, was born just two weeks before Aydan so they were particularly fun to watch. We went to the San Diego Wild Life Park. It was an intro to our lives in Africa for sure.

We then flew to Walla Walla and there we stayed for three weeks. We had tons of time with family and friends and it could not have gone better. Well, the weather was not great but we sure did love hanging out with my mom and dad. The last Saturday we were in town my mom and dad threw Aydan a huge first birthday party with a jungle theme.  We had over 40 people come to celebrate. There was lots of tortillas, beans, rice, tamales, and carnitas for all to enjoy. A family friend made Aydan’s birthday cake, it was amazing. We also had lots of games and a pinata my mom made that was a replica of Aydan’s favorite rattle. It was a great great time of celebrating.  We did miss Patrick and my brother who were still in Washington DC but we Skyped with them and they sang to her. It was perfect.

After the long three weeks that went too quickly in Walla Walla Aydan and I drove with my in-laws across the state to Tacoma. We spent a couple more days with family and friends until we finally flew home to Patrick on Wednesday.

We had a great time. We have since been very busy with pack out and getting everything finalized. But that is another post…

Here are some pictures from the month away (I would like to point out Aydan signing “all done” with her cupcake she didn’t like eating):



Thoughts? Questions?

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