living out of our suitcase… part deux… oh and we are home!

We arrived in Yaounde to an amazing greeting by a man who works at the embassy. He said, “Welcome to Cameroon!”, took our baby who was in her car seat (and very hard to carry with everything else we had), he grabbed some other bags of ours, our passports and walked us through customs where we met our sponsor. Let’s take a time out here so I can give a huge shout out to our sponsors. They have made this transition very easy and made us feel so welcome. If you have sponsors that are half as amazing as ours you will cry yourselves to sleep at night with joy.  After gathering our luggage we made our way out to the car where we were driven to our new home. When we arrived we could not believe how big and amazing it was. Or that our sponsor’s wife was there to greet us with two pizzas and fridge and pantry full of food! We ran around the house like little kids on Christmas morning in awe of the fact that the living room alone is the size of our old, living room, dinning room, kitchen and laundry room. Oh and there is a basement, with tons of storage and a laundry room!

The next morning was Aydan’s birthday.  Patrick went to work at 8AM. Good man. We met later at the Health Unit in the embassy. The Yaounde embassy is beautiful.  The grounds look like a Hawaiian resort.  That afternoon our amazing sponsors brought us dinner, again, and we had a nice birthday dinner and celebration with our little family. The next day our sponsors had a BBQ birthday party for Aydan. We met a few other couples, played with the kids and ate some amazing food. Their house is beautiful and opens out over a hill and overlooks the hills of Yaounde. I couldn’t get over the stunning scenery.

Since then we’ve been into town once, to the embassy pool once and played in our backyard and screened in porch often. I think life is going to be slow and easy here. I’m excited to get my sewing machine and kitchen aid in our UAB. There is lots to do, I’m sure, I just need to get out and do it.  This weekend Patrick and I are going to explore the city a bit more. We hope to find some rugs and there’s rumors that we can have a dining room table made of a whole tree… we’ll see what we find.

Thoughts? Questions?

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