a good weekend

We started our weekend with a BBQ at our sponsors house. They have a great porch that leads to their nice front yard. So we enjoyed the evening there, eating, talking and playing with the kids.  While we were there it rained really hard for about 3o mins. Aydan insisted on watching our friend’s son jump on the trampoline in the rain. She stood in the warm rain and cheered on her little friend.

Saturday we took a walk around our neighborhood. We stopped in an art studio. There was a man there painting and his art hung around him in the little shop. He had a really cool piece of a woman weaving a rug and he actually weaved a rug into his painting. It was beautiful and very interesting.  We decided once our stuff arrives and we have a good place for a piece of art we would buy something from him.  We want to get something with lots of color. I’ll post a picture of the one we choose in a few months. Down the ally from him were two more shops.  One of them sold baskets and purses that were hand weaved in the back of the shop. We watched some men in the back weaving the cloth. Next to that shop was another shop with three men out front whittling the African statues that you’ve all seen. They make them smooth, not by using sand paper, but they used a small knife and smoothed out the wood.  We decided a couple smaller ones would make great bookends. So we’ll look into that as well when our stuff arrives.

Sunday we went to an international church.  It was made up of mostly missionaries and their families and a lot of high schoolers that attend a school here in Yaounde that is like a boarding school for missionary kids. They live in sponsor homes during the school year. We liked the church. I think we will go again next week.

After church Aydan had her nap and then we went to the pool and hung out with a few other families and met some new people.  We really enjoy the pool on Sundays. It’s so beautiful there. Next week I’ll try to remember my camera.

It was a good weekend.


I just found this picture in my point and click. It's from the airport in Paris.


I don't like carrying my big camera around on our walks so these pictures aren't that great.


2 responses to “a good weekend

  1. Thanks for sharing so many details and pictures about life in Cameroon. It’s hard to believe you are really that far away!! I’m so glad we can keep up with you and watch sweet Aydan grow!! Love you lots!!

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