welcome to the world Edythe Irene!

Patrick and I are aunt and uncle for the first time!  Patrick’s youngest brother, Kevin, and his wife, Melody, had their first baby last night (morning for us). I don’t know all the details yet but I know that she was born at their home, as planned, and she and mom are healthy.  They named her Edythe Irene. Happiness.

Edythe Irene 8lbs even, 4.28.11 9:50 PM 20.5" She's 2oz less than her cousin at birth, and .5" longer. Funny how close is size they were!

2 responses to “welcome to the world Edythe Irene!

  1. She is beautiful, Kim. Perfect! I imagine it must be hard for you and Patrick to be so far away. Thank heavens for video messaging or whatever it is called! (Mine is still not completely installed and I am having severe Henry withdrawal. 😦 Anyway, also thinking of and praying for you and Patrick and Aden in light of the news today. God bless.

  2. Happened across your post researching the use of Edythe in 2011 – seems I know so many Emma’s for 2011. Edythe Irene is beautiful! Although, as the mother of Edythe Elizabeth, born 9/7/11, my bias is noted. Blessings to you and your extended family. – Melody Poole-Tornwall

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