labor day weekend

Patrick went to the grocery store on Sunday morning.  He came home with a loaf of bread and two litters of milk. Apparently all the stores were closed and all of down town was closed because of a parade. He called a local guy he works with to ask what exactly was going on.  Here is what Moses told him:

Yes. Good. Labor Day in Cameroon. All workers get money from their companies to buy something to eat and drink that night. Each group of workers will do a March Past in the afternoon carrying signs they need more money. After that they go spend their money on beer.  Then the government has to give them the next day as a holiday so they can fix all these problems.

The French culture is alive and well in Cameroon.

The March Past

We had to leave early. As you can see from Aydan's Frogger Face, it was nap time.

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