Last Tuesday our HHE arrived!  It came in two days in 9 crates! Some small and some big. There is still one more crate coming with stuff from Walla Walla.  The past week we’ve been unpacking lots of boxes and organizing the house. We are missing Patrick’s drill his dad bought him when he graduated from grad school, extension cords and shovel. Hopefully they accidentally got put into storage.  The only thing that was broken was a picture frame that will be easy to replace.  I’m happy to say that everything has been unpacked and placed in a great spot.  We only have to hang our art and pictures. On Monday someone from the embassy will come and do that for us. Then I would like to paint. Here are some pictures.

Here are two of our nine crates. These arrived the first night and the rest the next day. These are two of the larger ones.

Here is one of the six warehouse guys that helped move everything inside.

Aydan and Dad putting the entertainment center together.

Aydan is so happy to have all her things!

5 responses to “HHE

  1. Aydan and Patrick seem to have so much fun together. Glad they’re good friends. 🙂

  2. Again, this is just so fascinating…and your patience and positive outlook are just amazing. What a lovely wife of a diplomat and a lovely wife period, you are! And what a great mom! Loved the pictures of Aydan. Sure wish we could have met before your big move. My prayers are with you and I hope the pictures get hung just right (Annie will tell you I’m sort of nutty about art and pictures…) and that you get to paint whatever colors you want! Patrick looks so happy. I pray he is settling in well with this first post and beginning to enjoy the outcome of all his dreams and hard work. God’s blessings always, Betsy (aka the Happy Grammie)

  3. I LOVE these pictures!! the one with P&A infront of the truck with your stuff is like a perfect time stamp on your life. so glad your stuff arrived. happy african nesting!

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