garden update

Twice this week I went out to our garden to get some food for dinner. It was so nice not to have to bleach and wash our lettuce and mint three times! Here are some pictures.  Things are coming along.


We noticed this leaf yesterday. It's pretty neat how it shot up overnight and has since unrolled itself into a great palm leaf.


The watermelon are thriving. They have yet to flower though. I'm hoping the cucumbers don't take them over.


Same with the lettuce. Does anyone know if we take a few leaves off at a time if they will keep growing?


Here is our first cucumber. Cutecumber... (that's a shout out to my first fifth grade class)


These tomato plants look to be out of control, but they are not. They are very healthy and happy. We have lots and lots of flowers and small green tomatoes!


We have tomatoes, lettuce and carrots in these beds.


Here is my herb garden. I just planted it last week so it has a lot of growing to do. The straws and clothes pins are how I labeled them.



Here are the cucumbers. They are growing big and tall. We have lots of flowers. Patrick wants to make pickles but I'm not too keen on the idea.


Here's a picture of the "baby" just bc she is cute.

11 responses to “garden update

  1. WOW!!! i’m so impressed. that garden looks awe-some. way to go. and i don’t know if it was ‘good’ for my lettuce or not, but i totally took leaves off the outside & it kept on growing. seriously though, your garden looks amazing. the fact that you can plant tomatoes outside…oh my oh my i am JEALOUS. enjoy my friend! ps your ‘baby’ is pretty cute. is that blond hair i see?

    • Thanks, Carlee! I’m going to give it a try with the lettuce… if the gardner lets me. He laughed at me when I asked and said they’d get bitter. Aydan has dirty blond hair, just like Patrick, obviously, she’s a carbon copy.

  2. I love your garden! What a great project. I just have rooftop terraces at our next post, but I’m already planning a container veggie garden for next year. Yes, you can take the biggest leaves off the lettuce and it will keep growing. That works for any greens, by the way. I like to grow swiss chard and turnip greens, myself.

  3. What a wonderful life experience you are having Kim…I have to say I’m a wee bit jealous! 🙂 Enjoy this time! Beautiful garden, stunning baby! -Heather

  4. Hi, Definitely pick the lettuce around the edges. Enjoy it, because it will probably go to seed quicker in the heat (keep planting more every few weeks). Try some basil. Mine loved the heat and humidity when we lived in Togo.

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