15 months

Our little girl is 15 months old today. Now, I’m not saying she is amazingly smart or that she is above and beyond any other 15 month old BUT I am saying how shocked I am at how much a she, at 15 months, can do. If you are uninterested in kids or specifically my child you should just close your browser now bc all I’m going to be doing is blabbing about how great she is for the rest of this post.

  • Aydan’s ability to communicate via sign language is incredible.  She’s been signing since she was about 9 or 10 months but it’s just taken off the past few weeks.  She wakes up, kisses me good morning, asks for milk to drink and Cheerios to eat please (all using sign), when I give them to her she then says thank you (using sign). She can tell me when she’s poopy… which is translating well into potty training… She can also distinguish between signing water and milk, she’s actually been doing this for a few months now.  As she’s signing she says the words the best she can. When she wants something she points to it and says, “Please.” We have signed with her since she was born and I was a doubter so it is so amazing to see it paying off so well. She rarely gets frustrated from a lack of communication because one way or another she can almost always tell us what she wants.
  • I’m amazing at how well Aydan understands us. I can tell her almost anything and she’ll do it.
    • Aydan, go wash your dirty hands in the pool. Done.
    • Aydan, you finished your milk. Go put your bottle in the sink because you are done and it is dirty. Done.
    • Aydan, take me to your bedroom. Done.
    • Aydan, give this to Daddy or put this away. Done.
    • Aydan, it’s time to go, let’s put your shoes on. Done
    • (While getting dressed and she’s holding something) Aydan, switch hands so we can put your shirt on. Done.
    • Aydan’s turn to brush her teeth. Mommy’s turn. She gives me the toothbrush, and sits in my lap so I can brush and floss her teeth every morning.
    • I could go on and on and on. She understands everything!
  • Aydan is very good at obeying. She knows the things around the house she can touch and the things she can not touch. I once heard someone say, “I house proofed the baby, not baby proofed the house. That way she’s good in every house.” I loved this idea and we try to remember that every time we direct Aydan. She is obviously a baby and not perfect but she really is a good girl. The best story is when I caught her walking over to our pantry, we keep empty glass jars on the lower shelves, she reached out to touch them and then said, “No, No” then walked away clapping and saying, “Good Girl!” Too cute!
  • She is an athlete. She can climb, catch, throw and play with the best of them. We have a little play structure out back. She climbs up the slide and up the rock wall.  She’s been climbing onto our couch and coffee table.  She was standing on the coffee table and spinning around.  That was something we had to put a stop to even though it was super cute.  I found her climbing into one of our dining room chairs yesterday. It’s just amazing how she can do anything she wants, really. Just last year at this time she wasn’t even rolling over… amazing.
  • She just has so many little things that she does that are so cute.
    • She has this little play phone that she carries around and when it rings she answers it and says, “Hello” then nods her head and says, “Bye Bye.”
    • When she gets some food that is hot she will blow on it until it’s cool. Which is another sign, blowing for “hot.”
    • She LOVES books. Right now her favorites are a nursery rhyme book she has that she carries around and asks us to please read it to her. She also loves The Wheels on the Bus.  She does a lot of the hand motions and dances around while we sing her the book.
    • When we are looking for something, usually Girl Two, she’ll walk around with her hands up like “Where is it?” and saying, “Girl Two,” which she actually says really well.

So there are probably 100 more things I could say about our sweet girl but I have other things I need to do right now. I’ll leave you with these pictures.


Aydan loves to help me make tortillas, bread and dinner in general. You can see her little play phone in this picture I was talking about earlier.


One of her many funny faces.


Her she is sitting in her little chair like a big girl. She's sitting next to her picture hearts I made for her to know and remember all the people who love her back home.


Aydan loves sitting at her table and coloring, finger painting and eating. Here she is making cards for her grandparents with Dad.


Here she is after finger painting. She's holding the first cucumber out of our garden!



3 responses to “15 months

  1. I found your blog my accident today and really enjoyed reading it. You reminded me of the wonderful times of our early days of our great FS adventure with toddler girl. We started in Romania when she was 18 months. It’s a great lifestyle and you obviously have the knack for it!

  2. OH! i loved this! these are the little things we want to hear all about. thanks for risking being ‘that mom’ to share them with us. 🙂 we love you & your little & want to hear all about her growth. super cute! not surprising that she’s a little smartie. enjoy this time in her life! xo C

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