5 months…

I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since a new post! So much has happened. I’ll update everyone with a picture post.

 This fall Aydan and I had the great privilege of spending 6 weeks with some of our best friends in Washington DC.

We spent lots of time at the park. Aydan loved the swing and the sand box.

Skyping with Wito and Wita with Uncle David on the iPad

I took the kids to the Baltimore harbor. Aydan LOVED the dolphin show at the aquarium.

Aydan met Henry. She loves Henry.

We went to the zoo. Aydan's favorite animal were the pandas.

Super Aydan and Dragon Jack had a great Halloween!

"When I do this I'm reading your mind."

We also spent a long weekend in New Orleans for a very special wedding. Here Aydan and her grandma are dancing to some street music on Bourbon Street.

We came back to Yaounde a couple weeks before Thanksgiving. We spent the holiday with some friends at the beach in Kribi.

This is what she looked like after sitting quietly for 2.5 hours in the back seat...

We had lots of fun on the beach!

We spent a couple more weeks in Yaounde then headed back to the states for our R&R.


We spent our first week in Orlando with my parents and brother in Disney World. Because of our super slow internet right now I'll only add this picture.


We then traveled to Tacoma and spend a week and a half with Patrick's family. Aydan got to meet her little cousin for the first time. They got along really well.

Again, our internet has been really slow. So I’ll just say that we traveled up to Bellingham, where we went to college and visited some friends then over to the east side of the state to visit my family. Patrick headed to DC for some training and Aydan and I met up with him a few days later. Then we headed back here to Yaounde. It was a perfect R&R. Lots of traveling but seeing so many people. Just perfect. Oh, we also told all our family in person that Aydan was going to be a big sister come July! We are very excited!

We’ve been back for a month now. And it’s now bidding season… which leads me to my next post…




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