bidding season round two

We received our bid list this week. It’s been an up and down ride since printing the list. Patrick’s working a management job now and it’s our first tour. So he will need a con job next. There are 260 con jobs on our list. Promising? Well, not entirely. Most don’t work with our timing. We leave here next March and have a month of home leave then time for training. So, depending on the language of each post and how long that training is is also something we need to consider while bidding. We have to pick 30 posts. With only 8 being ones that are “imperfect” meaning we won’t finish training the month that the job is open but a month earlier or a month later. We found out that we will arrive 5 days late to most language classes and therefor will make those post invalid for bidding. So that has drastically reduced the posts we can bid on.  Honestly, the list only consists of a few jobs that are “perfect” for us timing wise and that we would actually want to go to… (think CJ…) We’ve been researching the post today. We have found a few that we never thought we’d like and now find ourselves bidding on them.  In the end we get placed where ever they want/need us. So we just need to hang in there a few more weeks until it’s announced and then get excited about that place while at the same time be stoked for the last year we have here too.

Thoughts? Questions?

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