here in cameroon..

We are having a big second birthday party for Aydan tomorrow. Today is Good Friday, a national holiday here.  I did not know this and had a big list of things for our garden, Francis, to do for us to prep for the party. Patrick asked our neighbor’s watch man to come help us with some things. Patrick showed him how to fill water balloons. He was shocked bc he had never seen them before and replied, “Here is Cameroon we have balloons too. We fill them with air though.” Awesome. He probably thinks we are crazy.

3 responses to “here in cameroon..

  1. Great blog. My father was a diplomat and we moved about every 2 years. Countries ranged from Malawi, Spain, Brazil, Mozambique to Bolivia, South Africa and Peru. Your articles really take me back to that time. Would do anything to be moving around again so much, staying in strange countries where everything is new!
    Would not trade that lifestyle for anything!
    Thanks so much for sharing, will be back!

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