paris and cambridge are in our sites

Our really good friends who we met here in Yaounde will be starting their second tour this December in Paris. We are both excited for them and very jealous at the same time. Well, good news for us is that we’ll get to visit them on our way back to the States this spring. We plan on leaving Yaounde at the beginning of March and spending a few days in Paris with them and then heading to Cambridge where my cousin and his wife will be living. Patrick found a train that will take us from Paris up the French coast, through the Chunnel, into London and on to Cambridge for 81 pounds round trip. So the savings continues (We’ve been planning on stopping in Europe for at least a week for awhile now and have been saving for the trip!) with actual dates and places in mind. We couldn’t be more excited. Traveling around Europe is awesome enough but to add visiting great friends and family in the mix makes it even more perfect. So, we do get to take a little advantage of this life we live, even if we are posted in Africa right now.

What do you think, the Louvre with two small kids? Good idea? ; )


Wow, no garbage and only 81 pounds, amazing.


I see sidewalks!

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