2013 in numbers

Here are our families numbers (per family member) from 2013:

21,082.72 miles traveled by plane

7,500ish pounds of stuff we sent from Yaounde to Manila

$5,000 worth of stuff sold before leaving Cameroon… yes, thinking we’d be in a tiny apartment, we sold ALL our furniture

1,096 miles traveled by train

700ish pounds of our stuff we sent from DC to Manila

200ish miles traveled by boat

18 beds slept in

18  cities visited (5 of those were country capitals)

16 times we packed and unpacked 8 suitcases

13.1 miles ran in Paris in 2.5 hours

10 visitors hosted (6 in DC and 4 in Manila)

8 flights

births missed

7th wedding anniversary

months of traveling between posts

5 countries lived in while living out of our suitcases between tours

4 continents visited

oceans swam in

3rd State Department Anniversary

3rd Birthday of our Sweet Little Girl

countries lived in with all of our belongings

2nd tour started

1st Birthday of our Amazing Little Man

1st Day of Preschool

car shipped from DC to Manila

amazing family to enjoy this life with

2 responses to “2013 in numbers

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog as I am the daughter of a career US diplomat and I left the US at the age of five and returned after I graduated from high school to begin college in the US. We would come back occasionally in the summer for home leave, but otherwise I was “out” for the majority of my childhood. I would not have traded that experience for anything. My dad is now 82 and has been retired for many years and a few years ago was lamenting to me while I visiting him that he was sorry to not have given my siblings and I a real home while we were children. I told him while he might not have given me a traditional “home”, he gave me the world…which I think is priceless!

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