baguio fort john hay

I’m still catching up on the blogging… here is a bit about our time in Baguio back in November.

First things first: Patrick woke up the morning we left, went to the grocery store before the kids woke up, came home, got them dressed, packed the car and woke me up with this lovely lady. The day was starting off perfectly for me!


The drive there took us a solid 5.5 hour (that’s with a stop at ChowKing, worst fast food ever… be sure to pack PB&J’s for the road). The freeway lasted for the first 2 hours. After that we traveled along a slow road that was under construction most of the way. The views from the road were incredible. Once outside of Baguio we had to take switch backs all the way up the mountain. We reached the top just as the sun was setting. Here was the incredible view.  Well, I forgot to put the card back in my camera so this is taken with my iPhone, it just doesn’t give the sunset the justice it deserves. In the distance you can see the ocean.


After getting out of the car, the first words out of Aydan’s mouth were, “Wow!! I’m just staring at all the trees! They are so quiet!”  She hit the nail on the head. We were literally in a cabin, in the woods, it was quiet, cool and so peaceful! Here are some pictures of our time there. We only stayed two nights. That was not long enough…


Here is Aydan with her first dandelion wish, “I wish you (me, her mom) and I are friends forever!”


This is the road the cabin is on. It was empty and surrounded by woods!


Aydan taking her pony ride through the woods.


The butterfly sancuary


Typical: “Yes, there is a butterfly on my arm. And…?”


A walk through the woods.


This is the room where the Japanese general surrendered the Philippines to the United States during World War II.

IMG_2697 IMG_2713 IMG_2726 IMG_2733 IMG_2807 IMG_2793

For those of you Americans who work at the embassy, you will know that there are two cabins and then the ambassador’s residence at Fort John Hay. We stayed at the smaller of the two cabins. It was nice but the kitchen was not at all stocked. We will be going again in January. I plan on making a bunch of soup and freezing it and a few other meals and freezing them to take with us. With the kitchen not at all stocked, I want everything ready to go. It will be so much easier to get food and will make for much happier kids! We are also looking forward to the You Pick Strawberries and a big fire with s’mores, we didn’t bring s’more stuff last time. Boo.

Thoughts? Questions?

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