Buri Resort and Spa in Puerto Galera

On the 26th of December we took off for a fun four nights at the beach. We were able to drive away at 8:30 AM. I was very proud of us! We took SLEX South, continued south all the way to Batangas. We received a tip from a friend to drive around the actual city and follow all the signs straight to the port. We did this and we arrived there at 10. We were expecting the drive to take 2.5 hours at least. It was a great surprise. As soon as we got out of the car we had a man asking where we were going and if he could sell us a ticket on his boat there. We told him we wanted to go to the Muelle part in Puerto Galera. He said there was a ferry leaving at 10:30 and there was room for us. We confirmed the ferry was direct and one of the legit companies and followed him to the ticket window. He ordered our tickets, then paid our port fee. Then we waited, and waited, and waited, and waited an hour before our ferry finally left. The boat ride to Muelle was beautiful but took an hour. Once we took off from Batangas I sent Buri a text telling them we were on our way. When we arrived in Muelle we had a boat driver and his boat there ready to take us to Buri. The boat ride to the resort was about 20 mins. So, it took us about 5 hours in total to arrive at our resort.

We had a two room villa with it’s own private pool. The villa was beautiful and amazing! We played all afternoon in our little pool then headed down for dinner. The kids ate spaghetti at almost every meal and ate the entire meal every time! I was very pleased with the food. We mostly ate and ate and ate the whole weekend. : )

Day two we took a boat for 1,300 to a beach about 20 mins from the Buri. The boat ride again was amazing. We could see the way the ocean was cutting into all the little islands, they had crazy caves under most of them. I tried to get pictures but I’m not sure I managed the amazingness of the islands. We spent the whole day at the beach, went home for naps for the kids then dinner. The second day we did the same thing but went to the Sandbar. It was not as nice but it was still beautiful. The weather wasn’t as good the third day though. We spent the afternoon at the pool.  Then our last day we spend hours playing in the resort’s pool until it was time to catch our ferry home. They had a waterfall at the top of their pool. It fell into a little kiddie pool and was perfect for the kids.  To top it all off, if you are a member of the American Recreation Center, you can get a HUGE discount on the weekend at Buri.

We had an amazing long weekend. Having Mom and Dad there with us was the icing on the cake! Here are some pictures:


Here is the boat that was waiting for us in Muelle to take us to the Buri.


We are so ready for our beach vacation. I took the kid’s life jackets for the boat trips.


This happy guy LOVES the water!


They gave us Kalamansi juice when we arrived. I’m pretty sure we ordered at least 3 a day for the kids each day after. They loved it!


Here Patrick and I are negotiating our beach trip the second day.


We brought our boogie boards. This picture doesn’t give the waves justice. They were really big, especially near the sides of the beach where it was more rocky. My dad pulled Aydan all around the beach on that thing!


My beach buddy!


On our way home from our pretty much private beach the second day.


My parents were very happy with their Christmas gift!


These are the cliffs and caves I wrote about. You can kind of see how the water is causing a cave under the island. So cool!


Aydan and her collections.


This buddy was happy to sit and watch everyone else play in the water. It was his nap time and he was being such a good boy!


Here was our basically private beach were we spent our second day.


This is day three on the Sandbar.


Aydan and Dad went exploring.


It was pretty cold, so we didn’t get into the water that day.


After the Sandbar we went back to Muelle and visited the little port town. Aydan rode her first scooter there.


Here is the little kiddie pool.


There is the rest of the pool, the bar, and the spa.


There are some of the villas in the back.


Here is the little private pool at our villa.


This is the little beach that is in front of The Buri.


Waving goodbye to the Buri.


Aydan was NOT happy to be leaving. She met some new friends and was so sad to be leaving them.


This was taken from our balcony.


Our boat ride to Muelle to go home.


The ferry ride from Muelle to Batangas. It was a GREAT weekend!

3 responses to “Buri Resort and Spa in Puerto Galera

  1. Hello Madame! My name is Bea. I live in Philippines. I’m glad you’re having a great time in Philippines, Madame! I myself wanted to become a diplomat too just like your husband. I’m glad that you appreciate the beauty of our country. Enjoy and always have a wonderful stay here in the Philippines! 🙂

  2. Hello Kim! My name is Sarah Deasy and I have been following your blog for over a year now, since my boyfriend started applying to the State Department. As you probably understand, I have some apprehensions about this kind of lifestyle and I was wondering if you would be open to discussing some of my questions. If you are willing, I hope you will get in touch via email (sarahkdeasy@gmail.com). Obviously if you don’t feel comfortable discussing these topics with a stranger I completely understand, and I wish you and your beautiful family the best on your grand adventure!
    Sarah Deasy

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