a visit from secretary kerry

Still catching up…

A few weeks ago Secretary Kerry came for a visit. He was kind enough to give a little speech to the mission members and their spouses. I was very excited to see him and to listen to what he had to tell us. He came in, thanked us for all we do. He then told how he’s connected to the Philippines. I found this article that explains his story really well:

“As a freshman Senator in 1985, John Kerry was obsessed with the Philippines. Troubled by what he saw as America’s blind support of strongman Ferdinand Marcos, Kerry began introducing amendment after amendment calling for free and fair elections in the Philippines. Ronald Reagan reluctantly named Kerry to the delegation of election observers, and once there, Kerry choppered all over the country interviewing poll workers. What he found was troubling: evidence of massive fraud. He held a press conference and took his findings back to Reagan, who eventually dropped his support of Marcos and threw his weight behind Corazon Aquino, who was then declared the democratically elected leader of the country.”
Read more: Kerry for Secretary of State: Obama Nominates a Seasoned, Willful Diplomat | TIME.com

Hearing Kerry tell his story was amazing. To think of all he’s seen and done, it’s just incredible the life he’s lived and the career he’s had was inspiring. It was a good night. I got a few photos of him and one of him shaking my hand, but it’s not worth posting bc it’s not so good. I’m very thankful he came by and spoke to us.

Thoughts? Questions?

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