You all… It’s been a whole year with no blog entry?! Well, I have 50 mins to change that. As I sit in a hotel room in Basel, Switzerland with my sleeping family I want to quickly reflect on our last year.  2015 was a year of waiting. Waiting for a job, waiting for orders, waiting for a baby, waiting to see if baby would be a boy or girl, waiting for a passport, visas, training to end, waiting to move to our new home, waiting for our stuff to arrive, waiting for all the little details of our new life to work out, then finally Advent, the annual time of waiting for our Savior’s birth. I’ll tell you why I haven’t written this year. For one, I have last year’s Christmas post in the edit phase because I couldn’t get the photos off my computer… story… I have our Hong Kong blog in the edit phase for the same reason. But, mostly the reason for my silence here was because of our bidding process. It began last fall (2014) and ending the second week of May of this year.  That’s nine months! It was a very difficult, long time. A time filled with lots of ups and downs and frustrations.  I wanted to blog about it, I want our story out there. I’d even written it over a few times, but each time it felt too personal to have out in a space this public. I feel the story needs to be told if only for those others out there in similar situations.  So, I will write something that I feel comfortable sharing and post it soon. Also, I was pregnant for more than half this year. So… that counts for something. The story of Jude’s birth and life so far in this world of ours, will be written soon as well. Again, the process of giving birth between tours and getting a passport and visa and medical clearance and medical insurance and … and… and… should be documented for those who are in similar situations. During these last 30 mins of the year I want to say thank you to my husband. You’ve been strong, patient and nothing but kind to us through the crazy. Tonight I will go to sleep in this hotel room surrounded by my three perfect kids and one awesome husband in Switzerland, our new home. I will wake up knowing that come Wednesday, after our vacation, Patrick will be going to a job that is so perfect for him and our family. We thank the Lord for carrying us through this year and bringing us to a place of rest.

5 responses to “2015…

  1. Happy 2016! So glad you’ve landed softly!! It sounds like you had a whole lot going on in 2015 – hoping that your new post continues to provide a great foundation for growing and thriving and peace.

  2. Hi Kim!

    I was hoping that you would be willing to answer a few questions that I have regarding family life in the FS. My husband has contemplated the FS for many years, and will be taking the exams in June. There aren’t very many blogs of family life, and I was hoping to get some insight from you. I also have three young kids (ages 19 months – 5). We have done quite a bit of traveling with them, overseas and in the US, so that’s old hat. I was more interested in daily life, family time, work schedules, friendships, hardships, etc… and I would love to get some feedback if you have time!



  3. Hey I have enjoyed reading your blog. My husband is looking at joining the Foreign Service. I have two little girls and will want to have more children. I have a few questions for you I would love to ask a couple of questions….

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