The Divonne Sunday Market and Yvoire, France

This was the first Mother’s Day I spent with my mom is years. Sunday morning  we made our way to the Divonne Sunday Market. It was perfect, fun and beautiful. We brought home a rotisserie chicken for lunch then packed up the kids for Yvoire.

We decided it would be a beautiful day for a boat ride so we took the boat from Nyon. Since Patrick and I each have an SBB Swiss Pass Half-Fare Card the ticket cost us each 12.- The boys are free because they are under 6 and Aydan has her own Junior travelcard which also makes her free. The boat leaves about every 40 mins and takes about 30 mins to get to Yvoire.


Once we landed we headed up the hill to the castle. The kids had their scooters and loved scooting around the little village.


Pretty quickly the kids convinced Patrick to let them wade in the water. Next time we’ll take swimsuits and let them play more. The beach is nice, but rocky, and the water is pretty shallow for quite awhile.


All in all it was a perfect day full of good food, shopping and sweet kids.


Thoughts? Questions?

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