First of all I’m posting this from my phone. So forgive the mistakes. It’s my first time using this app. I thought it might help me post more. Yesterday my cousin, his wife, my other cousin, and their cousin all came into town. (Yes we slept right adults and three kids in our house last night) We spent the afternoon in Montreux. They visited the Chillon Castle while Patrick and I took the kids to the Montreux promenade. We had a beatiful day full of lake wading (we’ve learned we need to carry the kid’s swim suits with us at all times now) and ice cream. Then we came home to amazing homemade chicken mole, beans, rice, and tortillas. My mom is the best cook and we ate more than we should have. It was the perfect ending to a fantastic day.

Aydan found fish eggs attached to her stick.

Jude loved his first beach experiance.

3 responses to “Montreux 

  1. Hi. I read your blogs about Yaoundé. I am desperately searching for any information about life with young kids there before we decide to go or not. Would you please share any of your experience there with me ? May I know how I can contact you ? I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much ! Susan

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