Due to our stuff arriving, unpacking, French classes, cooking and playing with Aydan I just because I could, I let the garden start our garden instead of doing it myself. It’s not as perfect as I’d like. We worked on it a bit this weekend. As we get more time I will be spending more and more time. I have grand plans but this is what we have for now.

Here is the section of the yard we had Francis cut out for the garden. He started some lettuce in the corner there. Yes, those are palm branches from our palm tree to protect the seeds from the sun and hard rains we get.

Here is the same section after framing. The lettuce is now growing in the third section.

The gardner planted a tomato plant or two, the sugar cane and some cucumbers along this wall and there is mint growing around the back wall.

Here is the same plot after framing. Those are the cucumbers looking nice and big and there are watermelon coming up in the back. Near us are the little lettuce leaves.

Here is the same plot again. You can see the sugar cane and the tomato plants growing nicely.

Here is where Francis planted our seedlings. Those Amazon boxes came in handy after all. : )

3 responses to “garden

    • The gardner found the seeds for us but we also brought our own. I just ordered a bunch of herbs as well. With the pouch system you can order just about anything you need. If you plan on starting a garden when you arrive at post you should order the seeds as soon as you get your address and they’ll be there waiting for you (if you haven’t already left). I wish we would have done that. Waiting for the seeds to the things that I want has been a bit annoying. Also, they are limited in what they have here. Like, we only have Roma tomatoes, so I’m glad I packed some Cherry ones too. Things like that…

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