international women’s day

I just wrote a whole post on this and some how it was deleted.  It was already the second time I wrote the post. So now I just have the energy and patience to give you some highlights:

  • It was International Women’s Day on Thursday.
  • Aydan and I joined other women from the embassy in a march past in the center of town.
  • We all wore dresses made of the same fabric.
  • We waited in the stands for a long time until the First Lady arrived.
  • We marched in the parade. The First Lady waved to us.
  • After the march so many Cameroonian women wanted to take their picture with Aydan.
  • We decided to leave after we’d marched because it was very hot and near lunch time. Not a good combo for a pregnant lady and her toddler.
  • Aydan, Janel and I walked back to the car to find that our car was locked in (litterally) the grocery store parking lot.
  • We sat in the car for 2.5 hours in the AC talking and trying to keep Aydan busy with snacks and Blue’s Clues on my iPhone.
  • Good times, glad we did it this one time!


Aydan searching around for the M&M's in her trail mix.


Here is a picture from the stands of the banner for the parade along side a HUGE poster of Paul Biya, their president for 30 years.


hThen my camera died. When I get more pictures I’ll post them.

Thoughts? Questions?

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