Two Months

We are at the 8 week mark. 8 weeks from this morning we will no longer be living in Cameroon. I’m going back and forth on my feelings about this move. Here are a few bullet points:

  • I love our friends and our daily lives… especially having a full time babysitter/housekeeper.
  • On the other hand, which is heavier, we really miss our families and the easy life that is America. Don’t be fooled, people, you think you have a rough time with life right now?  It really can’t be that bad if you a.) have a computer so you can read this right now b.) have internet available for you to read this post c.) can get a water from the tap and sit in a clean Starbucks (or even any Starbucks) right now … oh wait, what’s that? You are doing all three of those things at once? Oh and if you get into a car accident you know for sure you will not die from a broken leg? That’s comforting.
  • One of the hardest things to do will be to leave our housekeeper. With all my friends here I know I will see them again, I know they have amazing lives and jobs, I know that they will succeed in anything they work hard doing. With Meekness, I’m not so sure. I’m not sure if I’ll ever see her again or how we will keep in contact. She didn’t even have an email account until I opened on for her and still, she’s not sure how she’s going to check the account. I’m not sure if she will have a job after we leave in February. I’m worried about her.
  • I’m very very very excited for our kids to be able to play outside again and run around freely. I can not wait for that!

So here goes our last 2 months. I’m off to hang out with friends.

3 responses to “Two Months

  1. let her practice on your computer, let her send you emails while you help her. Write her up a splendid report and start advertizing for her now. Have the CLO tell new folks coming in there is a highly approved person looking for a position who can start immediately. I still hear from my cooks’ kids from Lome, our first post. We were there 2001-3. So keep your chin up.
    Best wishes,
    another Dip. Wife

    • When I set up the account for her we were on my computer. She’s been writing to my mom and practicing that way. She has no concept of a computer so it’s been a long haul. She got some friend’s emails and will be emailing them soon too. I made her a notebook with all her previous recommendations and her resume. I actually just found her a job. Our replacement has agreed to hire her! So, that has made us leaving a lot easier. Thanks for the info and encouragement!!

  2. I can relate to leaving the housekeeper. I remember mine in China was so curious about technology – but she had never seen it before. She seemed amazed by the video calls through Skype that I would occasionally take and would greet people 🙂 but I knew once I left there would be no way to keep up with her. I wonder about her sometimes – it’s been six years since I was there. I wonder how she is doing, if she is still cleaning for foreigners, if her son made it through school. That is the hardest – the people who simply can’t keep in touch ith you.

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